Rave Reviews

Justice is a woman of the world. She speaks intelligently on so many topics. Her attention to detail about the topic of the call is incredible. The rustle of a skirt, the touch of a finger nail, the cool taste of a freshly poured drink are made to seem as if she is sitting at a corner table beside you. Great call! 

Learah was simply wonderful on all levels. I felt so comfortable being vulnerable to her. She was so sweet, caring, and able to appreciate and anticipate the depth of what I couldn't put into words. Certainly patient and very deep thinking, she is truly a Goddess!

Giselle is both intelligent and sexy. I was referred to her, due to her expertise with age play, older aunt, naughty nephew, etc. Simply put this is something she excels at. Just the right amount of strict discipline and motherly love. Giselle is quite the treasure, spoil yourself today!

How great Ami was! I had a few questions and Ami answered them well. She is very easy to talk to and she listens to everything. She really helps you understand things.

I would only change the length of the call as Lady Justice was a true enchantress.

What started out as a introductory call went much, much longer as I found Justice to be open minded, intelligent, and knowledgeable. She had that sisterly demeanor that helps guide the fantasy story.

Mistress Learah was so sweet and strict. She got me all hard while locked in chastity. Will call again.

Giselle is lots of fun and an expert fantasy creator. Don't let her sweet disposition fool you. She is fully capable of taking naughty boys in hand!

Learah [is] wonderfully creative [...] very intelligent conversation. Would highly recommend.

Talking with Sky was [even] better than I'd hoped for! She made me feel so comfortable! 

Learah was absolutely sweet and empathetic to my nervousness. When we we're playing as well, absolutely wonderful and a sensually, sexy time. 

Kaye is an incredible listener and a pleasure to talk to. I felt very comfortable revealing my inner most secrets to her and delighted as she made them come to life. I will definitely be calling her again.

While new to this line of work, Reba exhibited a great ability and confidence, as if she was a natural, born for this work. Perhaps its her maturity or past experience as a pro dom, it does not really matter for she is gifted. She has a maternal sense of caring for a callers' needs and takes the time to get to know and understand one's inner sub space. Once she has accomplished this, watch out, as she makes her stories feel so real. She clearly enjoys her craft and I am sure will only get better with time ... What started as a one hour call ran over 2 hours ... She is a keeper that I highly recommend for even the most experienced, demanding, and complex callers. I have been a PEP client since the early 1990s and know what I am talking about!

With Elaina, I became a pony! I learned to prance and parade ... and it was awesome. Thanks again to a fantastic lady!

Sky really guides me ... I love being able to have a positive guide who gives me positive direction. Always feel refreshed after talking with Mistress Sky. Thank you.

Kaye is very easy to talk to and shows real interest. She loves to share laughs and makes you feel good about yourself ... really enjoyed her zest for life, and Kaye really knows her stuff!

Once again the PEP Counselors made my day! I had been wanting to talk to this amazing Lady, Elaina ... I loved that Elaina really clicked with me. She taught me how to visualize things, fun fun fun! I had a wonderful journey on the beach and felt the oceans cool relaxing water on my feet. I got to hold her hand and felt secure ...

Ms Buckley cares about people. Wow very easy to talk to. I really loved sharing  ... made me feel so much better ... loved kneeling before her massaging her feet!

Ms Sera or as I like to call her, "Mommy Sera," let me explore my adult male school boy ball player side as well as my female side, and especially my female baby side. Very relaxing, refreshing, amazing ... Sera allowed me to embrace all sides of me.

Giselle was a school teacher, it was like I was really back in school all over again. She really knows how to deal with a bad student.

Just spoke with Nancy. Great first session. Thank you!

Mistress Sky is strong, intelligent, articulate and genuine! My conversation with her rekindled my desire to serve and explore D/s with a Dominant Woman. I have thought of little else since we talked.

I love Learah's voice and sexy body and face. She is the best. She lives it in real life. I love her so much. Mistress Learah is outstanding. She is very sexy and imaginative!

Reba was stellar. Fucking. Stellar. Among the best ever.

I love PEP, great staff and team of Ladies who care about me and their callers. Tremendous! A plus plus rating! Just be yourself, guys, the PEP Ladies will take you to new levels and wow you will be satisfied.

Giselle is always attentive and on point, always knows what I'm looking for. I would recommend her to anyone!

Learah is one naughty mamma. I love her. Very good call. I would sing her praises anywhere!

Giselle was recommended by Sera and she was right on: intelligence and maturity, took the time to get to know my kinks and delivered!

WOW! Much more than anticipated! My dreams and then some ...

[I loved] Goddess Giselle's lovely voice and delicious imagination ... I would love to be in physical presence, to feel her lash. Seriously, Goddess Giselle was perfect ...

Just recently I did a call with new Lady Giselle and just goes to show what I have know for 15 yearsthe Ladies of PEP truly care about you, your needs, and the lifestyle. Every PEP Lady I have had the pleasure of doing calls with really knows how to make a orgasm a powerful liberating experience! Bless all the Ladies of PEP as they are worth every dollar spent, an investment in physical and mental health! I love PEP and couldn't imagine life without the beautiful caring PEP Ladies to love me to teach me, to guide me, to expand my horizons.  I will be a client for life!

I am so aroused and have been a follower for quite a while. You guys are so real and as a result such a turn on.  Real women keeping it real. 

PEP is one of the most wonderful web sites for the Kinky Fetish life style I've ever found. It's helped so many people who are in need for counseling. The Ladies of PEP have the wisdom and the knowledge to guide their clients. I feel so honored to be one of PEP's clients.

Giselle is an amazing person and an incredibly intelligent woman.  I can't say enough great things about her.

For over 20 years now, PEP Ladies have offered me friendship, acceptance, and understanding far beyond any kink I may embrace. It's the kindness of their people that has always impressed me so.

I am truly grateful for PEP and for all the Lady counselors. I appreciate the fact that PEP has kept its prices steady over the years.

Goddess Giselle was thoughtful and took time to get to know me, I loved it.

So Learah, clothespins, a belt, and her sexy voice made for a great call. :) Wonderful hour with her.

Sera gives the most intense sessions. In session all my needs and desires are met. She weaves a story so sensual that I am able to experience two climaxes at times, as was the case today. Such intense physical and emotional pleasure and she gives it so freely and completely.

You have professional [women] that understand the psychology of submission rather than just offering "phone sex." PEP has been around for many years. What I think I and others probably value most is the sincerity and intelligence of the women. Most individuals are extremely discreet with their kinks. To have this sanctuary is priceless.

For her being the new kid on the block she went way above! I felt like she was right out of the 40s, she was so strict and stern. Justice knows how to get inside of your head and make you feel that this is very real.