Aurora Phoenix

Wish Upon a Kinky Star: Aurora’s Magical Realm Welcomes ALL Fantasies

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Sporadic availability through June 15, 2017
Approximate Availability M-F 9 am-3 pm 6 pm-11 pm, Sa 9 am-11 pm, Su 2 pm-11 pm

No mystery runs deeper than this human experience, and Aurora is here to traverse its height, width, and depth with you! Others may have run away from your pain, most guarded secrets, or cherished desires, but Aurora never will. Stretch out your hand, and feel Aurora’s warm, confident grip. Frolic through the forest of your fantasies, for Aurora will lead you to the most intimate and vulnerable places within. Whether you need the fair maiden, regal queen, valiant warrior, or vicious torturer, trust: fear, shame, and guilt find no resting place in Aurora’s magical realm. When you talk with Aurora, her castle walls ensconce your every word in secure, stone silence; you can be wholly, purely honest. Indulge in expressing who YOU truly are.

Ms. Aurora Phoenix loves her panty boys and submissive sluts. Gender benders, Aurora delights in twisting, teasing, and coaxing you to express all sides of your most complex femininity. She melts at the most scandalous of tales. Share your perverse relationships and your nefarious intentions, and listen to her sweet Southern voice quiver with excitement. Feel the temperature climb as you explore gangbangs and hard core S&M. Aurora loves it all­ – hard cock. Tiny fairy dick, begging for humiliation. Sweet pussy. Balls weighted with bells. Hungry, little holes & giant dildos! You may not even be able to bear it when Aurora’s most primal impulses come alive in an animalistic, writhing display of biting, scratching, and fighting; blood, sweat, and dripping ecstasy. This erotic succubus takes the form of your most vivid dreams come true and will leave you exhausted, thrilled, and utterly satisfied. (Psst: We dare you to tell Aurora, “Good Girl.” She might climax instantly!)

Aurora relishes carnal delights, but she also takes great pleasure in creating a mental and emotional connection. With degrees in Psychology and a background in traditional counseling, as well as in diverse BDSM play, Aurora brings her riches of academic, practical, and experiential insights to every conversation. Open up about your struggles with relationships, yourself, or your sexuality. Aurora’s astute mind allows her to connect with deep empathy, to listen closely, to grasp the subtleties of your desires. Perhaps it is finally time to put childhood pain or searing traumas to rest. Aurora brings healing to those brave enough and ready to take the first steps. Her greatest reward comes from helping you open up and connect.

Cavort through the wild gardens of fetish, fantasy, and beyond with Aurora! This lusty Princess, doting Queen-Mommy, and magical Lover doesn’t play tricks or engage in games – she treasures and honors honest communication. Connect with Aurora today for the taboo-free conversation you so profoundly desire! Let go. Awaken and be free with Aurora. 

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