Dominique D.

Talk Raunchy, Explore Glorious Femininity, and Get Handled by Lady Dominique!

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General Availability: 
Wednesday I'm in and out, try me if I'm available I'll answer if no leave a mess
Thursday available if I'm on a call, you can send me a text or vm or
to set up something in advance, in-person rendezvous available as well
Hear My Voice: 

Kinky, naughty Dominique D. spends her days naked in the woods, save for one item: her headset—All the better to hear you with, my dear, she laughs. Wouldn’t you like to rub one out for this Lady’s pleasure? That is, if she allows you to. Don’t fret. Dominique’s appetite for control, spanking, and cross-dressing keeps her quite generous of spirit. The more you pant and beg and torture yourself, the more you’ll feed Dominique’s need for intense, unrelenting auditory pleasure.

Dominique considers herself an ULTIMATE LADY—one who deserves spa nights replete with foot baths and pedicures, hair color and body wraps. Best of all: she seeks sissy sluts to serve and receive the frivolities of girl time. Imagine wrapping Dominique’s exquisite, always-hairless physique in a seaweed-infused towel, then painting her toenails strawberry red while your own little piggies soak in a mint-cucumber bath. My favorite fantasies include dressing you up, making you my little bitch, smacking your tush, and teaching you the art of girl bonding, says Dominique.

Transformation—from boy to girl, dominant alpha male to sweet slave, human to bestial—makes Dominique’s fetish heart sing. She welcomes your most deviant fantasies, including those that began in the great outdoors. Got a thing for doggie schlongs, buckets of horse cum, harnesses, and anal training? Want to paint a Great Dane’s dick with your slutty lipstick? Open up—exploring the farm will feel so good! 

Do ask Dominique about her love of nature! She resides in a huge queer nudist resort. She believes that bodies deserve to feel loved, pleasured, and just plain good. A lifestyle Dominatrix with annals of experience, her greatest joy comes in helping folks fulfill their genuine needs. Whether she’s interrogating new prey or teasing a dear slave’s shaking prick, whether she’s got you blindfolded and restrained while carting you off to an undisclosed location or she’s got her feet on your shoulders while you worship her, she finds bliss in helping folks accept themselves and take pride in their kink. Plus, after two decades of purely giving domination, Dominique D.'s now open to receiving a firm hand. Dominant men, now's your chance ... Smack her petite rear end, listen to her moan, command her to cum—on command

Every move I make is calculated and passionate, she notes. There’s no need for me to shout orders, for I know how to read, guide, and mold you into one who always does as I say. I desire full control and complete obedience.  Beware: Lady Dominique’s gentle nature is the most intense weapon in her arsenal. Her stern and raspy voice packs feminine power.  Open-minded and committed to education, she keeps her S&M repertoire fresh and is always up for brand spanking new fetishes. Call the Dominique D:  the keeper of your fantasies, the conductor of your cock, the versatile cum-slut, and the handler of your submissive spirit! 

In-person rendezvous available.

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