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Pet Elaina right, and she’ll purr, arch her back, and invite you into the well of delicious divinity between her supple thighs …

Cross her, and she’ll cut you with her tongue, snap her whip across your back, scratch the tender skin of your dick with her fingernails, and devour your ego.

Dynamic, kinky as fuck, and voraciously switchable Elaina embraces all fetishes, fantasies, and callers. A scrumptious blend of sensual and sadistic, Elaina delights in body worship just as much as she gets wet for flogging, latex, and incest role play. Have you long searched for a lady who will try just about anything – and also wants to fuck? Elaina loves being Daddy’s – or Grandpa’s! – luscious slut, the office tramp you screw in the supply closet at the holiday party, and the mean girl from high school you’ve long dreamt of banging into dawn. Got consensual non–consent and age play fantasies? Does your own mind shock you at times? Tell Elaina everything, for she harbors no taboos.

Elaina loves to play dress-up, and she’s got a penchant for latex and rubber. Imagine rubbing soft baby powder all over Elaina and then helping her into a skintight latex dress … before she covers your face with a rubber hood. Are you a girlie boy who’s dreamt of getting her nails done with Mistress? Elaina takes great pleasure in keeping her fingernails sharp and shiny, and her toenails painted and pretty. Call Elaina and learn all about panties, lace, mani-pedis, and fetish wear. Bend over in your latex skirt, so Elaina can fuck your crinkled pink hole! 

Explore seduction, cruelty, and power exchange with sensuous Elaina. She knows well the art of being just mean enough to keep you on your toes – and sweet enough to keep you panting for more. The classic girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead, Elaina’s very, very good –but when she’s bad?  I was a mean little kid, Elaina giggles. I was a bully to the boys, but nice to the girls. I still fantasize about making boys pee on the wall, while I humiliate their pathetic pricks. Elaina and her mean girls gang may pee all over you, too …

Quench your thirst. Feed your fetish appetite. Drink Elaina’s piss, beg for her cock in your boy pussy. Call now. The beginning of your wettest dreams coming true is only a phone call away …

In-person rendezvous available.

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PEP Connections Available with ME: No taboo phone conversation, double calls, enema calls, erotic hypnosis, web cam and sexting.