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Hard core humiliation, cock and ball torture, spanking ... Call me NOW!!!
Get on your knees!!! Double calls and sexting.
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Mistress Erica Steele believes that BDSM is more than her lifestyle; it’s the marrow of my bones, she says. She relishes how complex and richly varied the realms of dominance and submission can be. Her undeniable superiority will leave you dazzled, obsessed, and ferociously hungry for more. More pain. More humiliation. More training.

Submission, notes Mistress Erica, is more than a pose, a posture, a protocol. It is an instinctive way of being, one you will develop under me. In this powerful woman’s realm, you will kneel, surely, and crawl, definitely—and relax. When you call Mistress Erica, she invites you to leave behind the stressors, the doldrums of day-to-day life. Relish being in the presence of a 6’1” Goddess. Drink in the sweetness of her voice as she directs you to bend over and open your hole. Breathe deeply as she guides you to stretch your hole so that she may fuck you with her mammoth strap-ons—and her fist!

Mistress Erica knows that the most effective training begins by ensuring the submissive man—be he a novice or experienced—feels safe, secure, and nurtured. It is from that precious place that Mistress Erica can best break you down—with her strap-on, certainly, plus hard core humiliation, cock and ball torture, feminization, and good old-fashioned beatings. She paddles until you cry. She degrades until you wholly accept your place. She rapes for her own sadistic pleasure. She edges you until you’re afraid to orgasm. She allows you to worship her feet, and dream of the rest of her tall, golden body.

Race play aficionados, sun-kissed blonde Mistress Erica deeply understands the intricacies and delicacies of playing with the ultimate taboo: racial identity. Unveil those most secret fantasies and deeply-held desires of captivity, torture, and degradation to this knowledgeable, practiced FemDomme. She treasures your vulnerability.

Constant strokers, relinquish your cock to Mistress Erica. Her assignments will keep you on your toes, and keep your cock on edge. Send her the key to your cage. Cry when it hurts. Mistress Erica’s tongue loves the savory taste of pathetic-bitch-loser tears.

Open yourself, finally!, to full submission. Mistress Erica Steele will see you in your moments of naked honesty and regard you stripped of all pretenses and posturing. In those moments, you will connect with your most base and authentic self. Mistress Erica will take you from there …

In-person sessions available!

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PEP Connections Available with ME: No taboo phone conversation, double calls and web cam.