Frida Miles

Daddy Frida Miles: No Taboos. No Limits. No Worries. No Apologies.



General Availability: 
Most avail daily 8:30am - 5:30pm MT
Guest Starring thru Summer '17! No Taboos!
Text when offline, schedule a Fatherly chat.

In Daddy FM’s world, secrets are safe. Tell all – how you yearn to don pink frilly panties, unleash your inner slut, strut your stuff. How you dream of wigs, make-up, stockings … how that girl within screams to be seen. Daddy Frida specializes in slut training, in developing your inner hussy for display and use. Imagine yourself at the adult book store, a sexy kink event, and beyond, dressed and primped for Daddy. TV, TS, TG, sissy, crossdresser, human doll, forced fem? No matter how you identify, Daddy Frida is here to accept, encourage, and coach you.

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of gay bars, dolled up drag queens, and stepping onto the stage yourself? Tell Daddy all about it! Daddy Frida has over twenty years of drag performance experience, and she reigned as Miss New Mexico Pride in the early 2000s.  Learn the ins and outs of contour, tucking, lash extensions, creating the illusion … Take the stage and kick up your heels for Daddy Frida. After all, who does your heart really belong to?

Cocksuckers, nancy boys, and fuck toys, Daddy’s thick dick will keep you in check. You’ll long to please this demanding diva, but Frida doesn’t offer compliments easily or widely—even if she widens your hole with her fist. You’ll take it. You’ll do anything to hear Daddy whisper, Good slut …. Kneel. Stop whimpering. Open your mouth. Can’t talk when Daddy’s dick is in your mouth, now can you?

Got perverse incest role play fantasies? Need a nasty brother to experiment with? Crave a twisted cousin who takes liberties when your aunt goes shopping? Or perhaps you dream of a commanding uncle who disciplines you with his belt, then has you thank him – on your knees. Tell Daddy Frida all your incest fantasies. Daddy will keep you safe. Daddy will keep you satisfied. In fact, “Shameless satisfaction” ought to be Daddy Frida Miles’ middle name. Pushing your limits will feel incredible, under Daddy’s strict tutelage.

Daddy FM invites anal aficionados, medical fetishists, slaves, bisexuals, ass lickers, transformation sluts, and you to explore freely. From piss play to castration, race play to cruel humiliation, Daddy Frida’s into it. Prostate exams, rimming lessons, and dick riding are just a few of Daddy Frida’s favorite summer camp activities. Think your prized activities are too kinky? Try Daddy. Frida challenges you to surprise her!

Daddy doesn’t mince words, and she knows les mots justes for you. When you need it, she’s downright mean—and you’re a needful little skank, aren’t you? Daddy sees your desperation, and she’s got a penchant for desperate, salivating, puppy-esque bitches who excitedly pee all over the floor ... even though they know they'll end up nose-down, ass-up, licking frantically, and begging Daddy for mercy. Pull on your big sissy panties, wag your tail, and call. Daddy’s home.

Daddy Frida speaks Spanish natively and fluently. Habla usted Espanol? Llame ahora.


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Pep Connections Available with ME: No taboo phone conversation & double calls.