Giselle Thibodeaux: Goddess of Freedom, Control, and Power



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Building an Army of Kink! One Fetish at a time!
Cum join my ranks and ride my fist to glory! Be ready to earn your stripes!
F 7am-5Pm,S 7am-7pm,Sun 5pm-10pm Pacific Standard Time!
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Tiptoe up to the rabbit hole with Giselle Thibodeaux. Afraid of falling and losing yourself? With Giselle, you’ll plunge deeply into that dark, secret place – then come out refreshed, revitalized, and ready for more. Giselle specializes in helping submissive spirits find and express their inner selves, under her wickedly creative guidance.

Have you long wanted to serve, to show your adoration while pleasing a strict dominant Mistress—but been afraid to approach beautiful, regal women like Giselle? Fear no more: Giselle welcomes all service-oriented boys into her magical realm. I have a nice side, says Giselle, as well as a wickedly kinky side, and people say I’m easy to talk with. At the same time, she chuckles, I will check you faster than a New York minute! Giselle’s tongue is as sharp as her heels, as piercing as her eyes. Need to be humiliated, taken in hand, and trained? Giselle will mindfuck you into a whirlpool of pain, shock, and delightful submission. Punishments, notes Giselle, must fit crimes, and mercy must be earned.

Explore chastity, tease and denial, cock and ball torture, forced bisexuality, and more with Giselle. Though the sounds of orgasm enamor Giselle, she’ll hold your right to cum at bay, until your pleas and wrenching gasps satisfy her need for control. She’ll torment and torture your cock with sounds, ball busting kicks, and chastity cages. Secret nancy boys, take note: Giselle will have you on your knees sucking her strap-on, her friends’ dicks, strangers’ pricks, and MORE. She’ll put you through your paces, and you’ll thank her, still kneeling, profusely.

You’ve always known that women are superior to men, and that you must proffer yourself while showing reverence. Giselle understands. I really do own that blue throne in my pictures¸ she points up. Believe you may be worthy of Giselle’s practiced, careful, intense attention? Giselle will strip you, examine you, and judge you—moreover, Giselle will prepare you to serve in her Army of Kink. Enlist now. Boot Camp, dear boy, is just the beginning …

Being with Giselle is akin to being a little mouse, in a cage with a snake. At first, the petite creature thinks the tranquil snake to be a harmless branch; then, the snake hisses, cocks its head, curls its tongue, and licks its scampering prey! Remember: the snake can smell your fear—and that scent turns her on. Stop hiding. Come out, come out, and turn yourself over to Giselle … 

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