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If her paddle doesn’t keep you in check, her scathing, ruthless scolding will. Miss Madeline knows how to keep the most impertinent pupils and losers in line – for she, you see, invented bratting. Switchable Madeline keeps Dominant men on their (tippy) toes, because she knows even the most painful punishments are worth the ebullient joy of crossing the line. Think you’re an expert at topping from the bottom? Try it with Miss Madeline. We dare you.

Miss Madeline lavishes sincere sissies-in-training with attention – the more devoted you are, the more attentive she’ll be. Settle in as she describes in great detail every ruffle of the panties you’ll wear to please her, each twirl you’ll make as you serve her lady friends. It’s always tea time at Miss Madeline M. O’Leery’s boudoir. Pour a cuppa for both of you and tell Madeline all your secrets: how you coveted Mommy’s silk stockings. How you couldn’t help but try on those pretty undies. How you always knew you were not quite a boy, and not quite a girl, but a sissy: a frilly-frocked service-oriented, eager, voracious submissive who needs guidance and training, and who yearns to be controlled. Miss Madeline understands.

She listens closely, very closely, for Miss Madeline knows that she best gains control by finding your buttons – and then planting luminescent, glistening pearls of wisdom and eroticism in the stories she tells you. Miss Madeline loves longer calls that allow for the deepest exploration and excavation of your sexual and submissive self. Curl up. Pour another cuppa. Miss Madeline’s going to push your quaking buttons whether you put up a (pathetic) fight, or relax and drink in what you need.

Share everything. Miss Madeline M. O’Leery harbors no taboos: she welcomes your most sinful fantasies. Haven’t you always wanted to play with fire? With Miss Madeline, you can touch the proverbial stove and find out just how hot your fantasies can become, when you get real honest with yourself, under Miss Madeline’s firm and loving control. (You can also learn to play with literal fire – ask Madeline! Fire play is among her areas of expertise.)

Cuckolds, sissies, spankos, foot worshippers, pain sluts, and anal aficionados, Miss Madeline invites you to get the kettle going and call. Tell her your dreams. Your nightmares. Your desires. She’ll brew up a fantasy so good, it’ll steam, and you? You just might screech, whistle, and scream with unabashed pleasure.

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