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Fetish photographer Learah E. Lane has an eye and mind for the perverse, impish, and diabolical. Talk religious medieval torture, mother/son role play, cocksucking, and more with bad girl turned bad Mommy Learah. She’ll coax out your inner child, crawl through the attic of your kinky mind, and get you to spill every secret.         

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She can put you in your place as a strict, but loving Mommy, or she can grovel at your feet as an eager, devoted slave girl. Talk spanking, enemas, AB/DL, incest role play, humiliation, breeding, ass worship, and more! Be your fantasies sensual and light-hearted, or naughty and ripe with taboos, says Ami, I’d love to make them ALL cum true. Call me!



Put yourself first for once. Get your kinkiest cravings met. Elaina de la Mer specializes in deep, endless satisfaction, intense and intimate connection, and good old-fashioned dirty talk. Feminization, humiliation, incest role play (incl. Mommy!), and more dot Elaina’s menu of fetish delights. Hungry? Call now and get filled, full—stuffed—with erotic pleasure.





Got wild fantasies about Daddy/ panty boy, castration, race play, incest role play, and more? Tell Daddy Frida Miles. Daddy FM adores sissy bitches, prissy fags, cocksuckers, ass lickers, and good gurls who take Daddy’s throbbing dick with gusto. Daddy can be tender, Daddy can be cruel, and Daddy Frida’s ready to be your father figure now. Get bold. Get naked. Call Daddy Frida Miles. 



Relax with lifestyle Mistress and Goddess of Control Giselle, for she’ll comfort and guide you – and spank you viciously, when you need it. Haven’t you needed it long enough already? Embrace your submissive spirit with Giselle, a woman who loves all things fetish, men who know their place, and controlling cocks.   




Crave the whip’s sting, the tickle of a feather and every sensation in between? From mind fucks to spankings, prostate milking to strap-ons, Justice’s favorite fetish list is long, ripe, and full of erotic delight. Tip the scales in your favor: call Justice and plead your case. You’ll beg this cunning wordsmith to hand down sentence, after sentence … 



Awaken your deepest erotic self through hypnosis. Have you the courage to be stripped, taken down, and used? Like a malevolent siren, fierce and seductive, Kaye relishes your surrender. Forced bisexuality, feminization, chastity, cuckolding, and more stoke her fires. For the hottest alchemy, bow to your Mistress and be humbled. 



A Master Hypnotist, exceptional linguist, and lifestyle Dominatrix, Mistress Sky is the sadist and Dominant you've been craving to serve. Become Her sissy bitch, devoted slave, or lesbian slut. Are you Mommy’s perfect pet? The only limits to what can be explored are those you impose on yourself … Open up, explore, and fly blissfully into submission with Mistress Sky.



Sera Miles spins stories so intricate and detailed, they'll rival your most intense wet dreams. OTK spanking, anal exploration, and role play keep MILF Sera's fetish mind on overdrive—and she's always up for a surprise. She keeps sissies kneeling and stuffed, humiliates with a tongue sharper than a switchblade, and takes everything she gives. Call Sera. You deserve it.



Mistress Erica Steele’s sweet voice sounds most precious when she’s telling you what a fucking pathetic loser you are. This powerful, 6’1’’ Goddess-Bitch doesn’t ever suffer fools. Strap-on training, sadistic beatings, cock and ball torture, and race play are among Mistress Erica’s many S&M delights. Dial her digits now, SLUT

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Small penis humiliation, ass worship, golden showers, incest role play, and more are welcome at Goddess Reba’s sanctuary of kinky exploration! Pay pigs, toilet slaves, and simpering sissies, listen up: Goddess Reba has a zero tolerance policy on insubordination. Need to be taken in hand, trained, and reformed? Lucky Fucker, Goddess Reba’s School for Hard Boys is in session.

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