Mistress Sky

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Let go of your fears, embrace your fantasies!

Mistress Sky can be sweet, sensual, and understanding, or cunning and sadistically cruel—it all depends on you! A devoted Female Supremacist, Mistress Sky will teach you how to properly submit to Her desires. She’ll make you her footstool, fuck toy, or mattress. She’ll wield the whip so precisely and sharply, your flesh will yearn for Her discipline. She’ll open you up, show you the myriad connections between your past experiences and current S&M desires.

Who are you? posits Mistress Sky. What is the depth of your submission? How far will you go to experience your darkest erotic longings? Call Me and we will answer those questions together. Let’s explore the connection a slave can have to his or her Mistress.

A certified hypnotherapist with degrees in psychology and linguistics, Mistress Sky cherishes your vulnerability as well as the most sordid, hidden parts of your psyche. Do you believe yourself to be isolated, feel that no one truly understands? she says. I value your unique perspective. Simply put: I love to listen. Together, in an exquisite swirl of ecstasy, we shall wash away any shame you may feel about your sexuality. Learn to embrace yourself as a breathtaking, transcendent sexual being with Mistress Sky

In Mistress Sky’s realm, boys can become girls and be fucked relentlessly. Erotic hypnosis can take the lid off your spotless, conventional exterior and unleash the wanton slut within. Bad behavior is corrected with over-the-knee spankings, butt plugs, and beastly cock and ball torture. Within Mistress Sky’s world of female domination and sagacious supremacy, role play, electricity, humiliation, S&M rituals, penile penetration, and more sadistic treats and tricks create the magical horror and erotica of your most perverted fantasies cum-to-life. The mind is my playground, says Mistress Sky, and I want to toy with yours, entwine our energy, nourish your fantasies …May we both evolve as we explore profound, perverse, and passionate topics …The only limits with Mistress Sky, dear boy, are yours.

Test your limits, unchain the inner you, and fly with Mistress Sky!

Mistress Sky’s talent with her hands goes beyond administration of pain and pleasure. She knows ASL and is knowledgeable of TTY protocol. She offers Skype sessions in sign language for our Deaf kinky friends at no additional charge, and she communicates readily via TTY operators ... Maybe, Mistress Sky notes, we can expand their horizons as well!

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PEP Connections Available with ME: No taboo phone conversation, double calls and erotic hypnosis and sexting.