Nancy Ava Miller

Aunt Nancy! Nurse Nancy! Plus: a Hot, Moist, Full-Body Orgasm for YOU!



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Best hours: 9am - 3pm, 6pm - 2am MT
BUT: Please feel free to call me any day/any hour. I keep a weird schedule!
Hear My Voice: 

Talk with PEP’s founder, Nancy Ava Miller. Share your fears, obsessions, passions. Uncover joy, excitement, and ecstatic eroticism! Nancy welcomes all to connect with her.

In the beginning there was Nancy, founder of PEP - People Exchanging Power BDSM support network (1986). Sexual savant! Kinky iconoclast! Today you can call Nancy Ava Miller any hour for colorful, educated, honest, empathic conversation. Ask about erotic hypnosis. Experience a quivering, slimy full-body orgasm, or beg Nurse Nancy to glide a thick, cock-like nozzle up your gaping slut-hole so she can fill you with her own unique sizzling enema liquid. Incest? Mommy-Dommy? Why not! Counseling and hypnotherapy available, too. Other options: sensual pain, foot worship, cock and ball bondage, cock and ball torture ...
Nancy points up:  "I am fit, healthy, athletic, attractive. I believe in pussy-power, cunt-worship, ownership of YOU, your worm-like dick, your longing soul. Let me recite poetry to you, precious man, especially my infamous opus, 'Ode to the Penis.'  Let's discuss lesbian-love, ladies' tits, cross-dressing, spanking, inescapable bondage. Let's discuss your life, your goals, your world. All fantasies, obsessions, and personal concerns explored with passion, compassion, sincerity, and LOVE."
PS: Consider calling Nancy during the density of midnight for erotic mind-control. Savor the tranquility and potency of the special meditation/ hypnosis/ relaxation techniques she will guide you through in the solace of darkness. Open up to the intimacy of human communion.

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PEP Connections Available with ME: No taboo phone conversation, double calls, enema calls, and erotic hypnosis.