Your Transformation Mentor Has Arrived: Enchantress Natasha Hummingbird



General Availability: 
Wed. 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MT
Thu. 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM MT
Friday 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM MT
Hear My Voice: 

You’ve wanted this your whole life: a stunning transgender woman with a cock, who teases, tantalizes, and teaches you. You’ve spent hours watching tranny porn. You’ve dressed up whenever you had the privacy to do so. Your mind swims with memories of panties, stockings, your stiff dick tucked between your thighs … Your secret feminine self longs to be regarded with love and desire. Your fantasies of being face-fucked by a trans Mistress make your blood pump like nothing else—and those needs have stayed repressed for too long. Open up today to Enchantress Natasha Hummingbird. She understands, like no one else can. Natasha transitioned to living as the breathing, sexy, sensual woman within. A person is far stronger, Natasha says, than they think they are. Look at me. Let me help you unleash the REAL YOU. You’ll be safe with me, always.

Natasha knows you’ve long wondered what it would be like to have a date—just one evening!—with a woman like her. She invites you to call, enter her realm, and soak up the joys of unabashed, unadulterated sexual exploration. Think of your ass crack as a sweet slit? Wish someone would put you in panties and finger your pink hole? Natasha gets it. Do you steal away whenever possible, dress in stockings and heels? Do you lust after stilettos, spend nights surfing sites for women’s clothing? Natasha understands. She will guide you to connect with the girl within—and express her! From teaching you about make-up to fantasizing about afternoons of shopping, cocktails, and cocksucking, Natasha will be your Transformation Mentor. Learn the ins and outs of femininity: silk and satin; the art of contour, blush, and eye shadow—including how to create a smoldering smoky eye!; and the joy of pleasing a thick dick with your mouth and smartly-stretched (boi) pussy! Role play every which way, from any gender expression, too, as Natasha switches in BDSM and fetish scenes. An enchantress at heart, she vibrates between submissive and Dominant roles.

Listen to Natasha expound on the topic of feminization, and trust: all conversations with Enchantress Hummingbird are judgment and shame-free. Her long-term goal is to bring you to a deeper place of self-awareness and acceptance. She’s made the journey herself, and thus it is her privileged joy to guide you. Her personal kinks include gang bangs, foot worship, impact play, bondage, and puppy play. Her brown and perky nipples are quite sensitive, and she loves nipple play—from tickling to tortuous! Butt boys, human pets, ass slaves, blowjob bitches, and more will find sanctuary in Natasha’s erotic, vibrant world. Wish you could worship Natasha from head to toe? She’ll steer you through every curve, turn, and fold of her golden brown, delicious body!

Stop dreaming. Start living. Natasha is the connection you’ve long awaited. Thought it would never happen? Think again. Call the exotic, young, savvy transwoman of your dreams: Enchantress Natasha Hummingbird.