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Call PEP to explore spanking, bondage, cross-dressing, cock and ball torture, anal play, slave training, humiliation, role play, AB/DL, age play, feminization, enemas, extreme BDSM, and more. Anything goes! All fantasies cherished and explored. Are you dominant, submissive, a fetishist, a kinkster, questioning your sexuality? Are you bi, pansexual, gay, transgender, lesbian, straight, unsure? PEP welcomes all to explore their longings.

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Miss Madeline

Miss Madeline doesn’t deny herself pleasure. Allow yourself to taste ecstasy! Cunning and quick, Madeline takes great satisfaction in finding your sexual buttons and pushing them with merciless abandon—especially if doing so makes you blush pinker than a well-spanked fanny. Get humiliated, pushed, and exquisitely free with no-taboos, hedonist Miss Madeline.